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There’s a few great ideas today for gaining the exposure that your articles need, to increase that much needed traffic. But are you doing all of them?

Here at Article Promotion Tool, we like to do our own research and development to find out what works and what doesn’t. In doing this, we find that the time-consuming effort of testing our blog posts is losing traction and conversion rates. more exposure

So, we look how others are gaining exposure to see if we might be able to take a page out of their book and apply it to our blog posts.

We know that the following will work, for you:

  1. Make sure your site as the relevant legal pages on it
  2. Make sure your site as all SEO configurations completed
  3. You should be able to share small ideas from your blog posts to social media to capture leads and inform others of your blog
  4. Be sure to include helpful information that is going to ‘fill a gap or a need’ for a prospective follower/reader of your blog
  5. Post regularly from your article to social media platforms for further exposure
  6. Connect with people that are working in your niche using social media and/or start joining with the same groups they have joined
  7. Using SMM start connecting people who are watching/sharing/liking the same sort of content
  8. We love to create little video pals for our sites, to introduce our website and capture people’s attention. Videos’ about your article are working well at present on SMMtraffic for articles
  9. Remember everyone learns differently, through reading, watching, listening or doing, so to appeal to all these types of people you need to cover all these bases with your marketing strategy
  10. Giveaway free things on your site
  11. Try to reach to communities that will publish your articles, there might be cost involved here
  12. Promoting your articles is key to exposure. Understanding the fundamentals of article promotion will gain your much-needed engagement information.
  13. Remember to be unique
  14. Remember to be helpful in your article
  15. Remember to tell the truth and be inspiring
  16. Use visual aids in your articles that you’ve created with overlaying text
  17. Use a font that is going to be easy to read and isn’t too small and use proper grammar
  18. You really need to understand who your target audience is, before you start promoting your article
  19. When you engage with your target audience on Social Media you can find out all kinds of information that will assist you in being a much better content marketer
  20. Find influences that you can reach out too in your niche market, and ask them to review your content and let you know what they think

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Understanding the dynamics of content marketing will give you the fundamentals for article promotion.

You cannot simply set and forget with online marketing. You need to massage and nurture your posts, blogs and feeds. Make sure that your audience is the right one, and don’t send a post just for the hell of sending posts. Try to capture the attention of those that are interested in your topic, by solving something for them. Or filling a need for them.


Author: Ammie Harm©


Ammie is an author for Affiliate Mastery Institute